Monthly Archives: April 2020

Mountains of material donated to help support health care workers

‘Sewing for Front Line Workers – Killarney’ hits the ground running in the COVID-19 war.

Revamping the Winnipeg Ventilator to help support life for pandemic victims

A 30-year-old ventilator model is being re-designed for the war on COVID-19 with help from Killarney’s Earl Gardiner and Darren DeCock.

A school year like no other, as COVID-19 leaves its mark on students and staff

Staff empty out lockers and teach remotely, while students work from home, and wonder what lies ahead.

What’s happening in your home?

The Killarney Guide is looking for your photos and stories – maybe even an amazing recipe – to see what’s going on in your living room, and what’s cooking in your kitchens

Storytime goes virtual at the library

Since closing a few weeks ago, in line with COVID-19 restrictions, the staff at the Lakeland Regional Library in Killarney has not been resting on their laurels.