Monthly Archives: April 2022

Ukrainian refugees find safe haven in Killarney

The first refugee family escaping from Ukraine has arrived in town.

“Puffs” takes the stage this Thursday and Friday

A new take on the Harry Potter saga.

Bulls returning to rip and roar in Killarney

Hold onto your hats, because the wild bull-riding rodeo event is coming back to town.

Celebrating 100 years with a trio of cakes

Over 100 partygoers ventured through the wild weather last weekend to attend a very special event in town.

Killarney Airport to construct new snow equipment shop

After a gruelling winter of extreme winds, extreme cold, and a lot of blowing snow and massive drifts, the local airport is taking steps towards managing the white stuff better next year.

New staff roles announced for Killarney School

As school life becomes more normalized, following the pandemic protocols and restrictions, some staff changes and updates have been taking place at Killarney School and the division itself.