Monthly Archives: July 2017

Local Legion makes Manitobaville shortlist

The local Legion committee was thrilled this week to hear they made the Manitobaville shortlist of top 10 community contenders.

Awesome fun at Beach Fest

It was a pile of fun at this year’s Beach Fest.

Bored youngsters take blame for vintage truck damage

Children have admitted to being the culprits in damaging a number of vintage farm truck windshields and windows at the local Flywheel Club.

Cruizing to Killarney shows proving popular

CRUISING KILLARNEY - Broadway was bustling with activity on Thursday evening as vintage vehicles lined the streets on both sides.

Backdraft on Broadway: Narrow escape from Canada Day inferno

A rare fire emergency – caught in the nick of time by experienced firefighters – helped save a Broadway business fire from turning into a Canada Day inferno on Main.