Monthly Archives: November 2020

Switch on your gorgeous Christmas colours

In a bid to bolster worn and weary spirits, the call is going out to hang up your holiday lights – and celebrate this Christmas in colour.

Smoking up some good ol’ goose jerky

The scent of smoking apple wood chips and mesquite-infused game recently trailed a mouth-watering aroma down along the lakeshore.

Shining new light upon service men and women

Failing glue and a falling picture is all it took to galvanize a local team of volunteers into action.

Sgt. Pongracz returns from Ukrainian training mission

A local serviceman has returned after playing an important role as part of a Canadian Armed Forces mission in the Ukraine.

Training troops at home for war abroad

It was a rainy, cold and dreary night during a long West Coast graveyard shift that finally hoisted Roy Rozander into the infantry during World War II.

Dropping from the skies

Bob Middleton of Killarney already knew he wanted to fly and fight for his country while he was finishing high school, just as World War II was getting underway.