Monthly Archives: May 2021

Janz’s Market moves off Main Street

On Thursday, the old Janz’s Market on Main was painstakingly lifted up and away from its home on the corner of Broadway and Finlay.

COVID-19 cases at Killarney School lead to remote learning

Killarney School has closed its doors, after more than two cases of COVID-19 were confirmed at the location.

Mothering up ‘twins’ on Mother’s Day

The birth of a pair of nice heifer calves was not too strange – except that they were dozens of pounds apart in weight, and they arrived on Mother’s Day.

Brief encounter with a rising star

Band teacher Kayla Solomon prepares to pack up her trumpet this summer, as Illinois University beckons.

A message of gratitude from the Netherlands

A retired mechanic and WWII veteran recently received a flowery surprise, along with a message from Holland, which just happened to coincide with a special birthday.