Storytime goes virtual at the library

And library books begin safely circulating too…


Intrepid library staff have begun to filter out books to hungry readers.

Since closing a few weeks ago, in line with COVID-19 restrictions, the staff at the Lakeland Regional Library in Killarney has not been resting on their laurels, said library administrator Krista Law.

“We have still been working, and getting jobs done at the library, and this week we had our first library book pick up day,” she said. “We put out a notice on Friday, March 27, just after lunch, on the library’s two Facebook pages and on Instagram, and we were getting calls and emails by 2:30 or 3 p.m. that same afternoon with people ordering books. People had been stopping me in Co-op, on the street, and phoning me, to ask about getting books.”

But when the outdoor pick up day landed during the surprise blustery and blizzardy snow event on Wednesday, April 1, it turned into a bit of a trial by fire, said Law.

“We set up our table outside, under the entrance, so there was a bit of shelter,” she said. “Twenty-five people came to the library on Wednesday, in Killarney, and five went to the library in Cartwright, to pick up their books. It worked pretty well, and now we know we can do anything, after doing it through a storm and high winds like we did.”

In the meantime, Law has also continued to read books aloud to the pre-schoolers – in virtual time.

“I started presenting Storytime on Tuesday, March 24, for the preschool kids,” said Law. “I tape it on my IPhone, set up on a tripod in the library. My first story was Nacho Pacho, and I do a new book every day. Kids can watch it on both the library Facebook pages, Lakeland Regional Library, and Cartwright Library. All the stories are there.” 

READING ALOUD BEHIND CLOSED DOORS – It’s Storytime, and library administrator Krista Law (above) reads aloud from a children’s book on Thursday morning, behind the closed doors of Killarney’s Lakeland Regional Library – and into her iPhone on a tripod. Law presents a new book each day, and pre-schoolers can watch and listen to all of her taped stories on both of Lakeland Regional Library’s Killarney and Cartwright websites.


Library books coming carefully back on stream – with no contact!

Book order procedures for Lakeland Regional Library

(Please read through all procedures before placing an order)

Book orders can be called into the Killarney Branch at 204-523-4949, Tuesday – Friday, from 9 a.m.– 5p.m. 

We ask that Cartwright patrons place their orders through this branch as well, so that we can centralize the system. 

Orders can also be placed via email at: anytime, and we encourage email over phoning when you can. It will help us stay organized. 

We cannot order books through the inter-library loan system at this time, so orders will be filled based on our collection and the books we have on the shelves now. 

If you ordered a book and it arrived before the closure we will let you know, and include it in your order. 

Consider letting us choose for you, based on your loan history, especially in the event we don’t have the title you want. 

We will lend movies and audio books; we will not lend Storysacks or puzzles at this time.

We are limiting each order to five items per person at a time. If you have multiple people on one card, especially children, please indicate, that so we can arrange a higher limit, eg. 10 items for a couple, or 20 items for a family of four.

Book pick-ups will be on Wednesday and Fridays in Cartwright and Killarney – with social distancing!

We will be doing book pick up Wednesdays and Fridays in both Killarney (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), and in Cartwright (from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.). 

Each patron will be given a pick-up window of an hour. Please include your preferred pick up time with your order. 

We would like to limit the number of people congregating in front of the library at any one time. 

We also ask that you respect all other social distancing measures during the pick up: keep two meters or six feet away from anyone else picking up.  

Do not come to pick up books if you are sick or under self quarantine due to travel. Please ask a neighbour or family member to pick up for you. 

We would like to implement pick up in two ways.

Our preferred method: Call us when you arrive for your books from your vehicle. Library staff will bring your books out to a table we will have set up outside. We will smile and wave at you, and go back inside. You can then come and grab your books. 

Second method, for those without cell phones: Let us know when you order that you won’t be able to call when you get here, and we will leave you books during your one hour window on the same table, labelled. 

Are we accepting returns? Yes, we will accept returns during these times only. We will have bins set up also outside for you to deposit your returns in. 

We ask that books be placed in the bins directly, no plastic bags please. Returned books will be wiped down with bleach, and then set aside for a full week (we can’t clean the pages), before being added back into circulation. 

We have also suspended all due dates, and therefore are happy to let you hang onto the books until we reopen. Books will have a date due stamp in them, but this is only for our internal records – you need not worry about book returns at this time.

Safeguarding our health is paramount:

We know these procedures may seem strict, but we do not take offering this service lightly. The health and safety of our staff is paramount. 

We also care about your health and safety, and do not want to create an environment where folks are congregating. 

Please consider picking up your books on the same day as your groceries and prescriptions, thereby limiting your outings. We want people to stay home, and we hope having some books makes that a little easier. As always, contact us if you have any questions.

BOOKS A COVID-19 NECESSITY – Killarney’s library is now offering a no-contact book lending service. Library clerk Frances Arche drops off a prepared book order outside the Lakeland Regional Library for a patron. “It’s working well, and we’ve been very busy,” said Bonnie Kroeker, library clerk. “We had 25 pick-ups last week. And our phone was ringing off the hook (this week) because I think a lot of people saw our story in the paper.” For more information, and to order books for pick-up or drop-off, contact the Lakeland Regional Library at 204-523-4949.