Monthly Archives: May 2018

Time to sale away this Saturday in Killarney

Check out over 40 locations at this Saturday's Town Wide Garage Sale in Killarney!

Grand weather for a grand opening

Great weather last Saturday at lunchtime lured around 140 hungry guests to the smoking Killarney Meats Grand Opening event. Killarney Meats opened last September, and it’s been a busy year for the three new co-owners of the abattoir and meat

Four conditional use orders approved for new hog barns – plus hefty road charges for HyLife trucks

It’s the price of doing business. That’s what the mayor and six members of council for the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain announced on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after voting in favour of four conditional use order applications for the building of four

Hog barn applications stir up intense debate and consideration

Following a highly concentrated week – which included four consecutive public hearings held on Monday evening and Tuesday morning regarding four separate HyLife hog barn applications – local councillors are facing big decisions before going to the vote.

Government office closure leaves hole in community

Within a few hours on Thursday, everything was packed into trucks, and the Family Services office at 203 South Railway Street was no more.