Local Legion makes Manitobaville shortlist


The local Legion committee was thrilled this week to hear they made the Manitobaville shortlist of top 10 community contenders.

Voting is already underway, and if Killarney and area residents text in enough votes to win, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25 Killarney could receive $25,000 in grant money from the Manitobaville contest to upgrade their dated downtown interior.

“I sent the video two Fridays ago, after Wenda Anderson suggested that we apply,” said Legion member Evelyn Dickson-Park. “The whole idea of Manitobaville is to ask yourself ‘what can you do for your community?’, and our goal is to update the Legion facility on Finlay Street.”

The video was shot on Canada Day, during the packed-house pancake breakfast hosted by the Legion, by her daughter, Courtney Park.

Just under 400 patrons turned up at the large Legion hall for the celebratory meal – most of them dressed in red and white for the occasion – and the camera began rolling from the start, beginning with the long line of hungry guests.

Four members later worked together to prepare the four-minute submission video, before sending it off to the judges.

And earlier this week, Dickson-Park got a bit of a shock.

“I opened an email at 8 a.m. this morning,” she said. “It was a pleasant surprise for a Monday morning. They said we had been selected as finalists, and the video could be seen on six contest sites.”

These include: Winnipeg.ctvnews.ca, 1031virginradio.ca, 999bobfm.com, tsn1290.ca, 961bobfm.ca, and 101thefarm.ca.

But it’s not enough to just watch the video.

The key to winning the big prize now is texting in your vote on a cell phone, she added.

“We need votes,” said Dickson-Park. “You have to text the word ‘KILLARNEY’ to 54321. That’s how you get your vote in, and it’s the only way to cast a vote. And you can vote more than once. So if you don’t have a cell phone, grab your niece or nephew, or your children or grandchildren, and get them to text for you. We need all ages to find a way to text their support. We hope that people will also text in from other communities, such as Boissevain.”

Texting your votes takes place up to noon on Friday, August 4.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 8, said organizers.

And if Killarney wins, there could be a lot more dancing.

“We have a fantastic wooden dance floor in our upstairs hall,” said Dickson-Park. “And the hall has the capacity to hold 300 people. But the kitchen needs an upgrade – some of it probably goes back to the ‘60s or ‘70s, and we could strip and polish the wood floor. We could also use new carpet in the hall.”

The RCL Branch 25 Killarney also plans to update its image in the future, because their focus is not solely directed on the past.

“We want to become more involved with the youth of the community,” said Dickson Park. “The Legion does a lot more than people realize, and we want to get the word out.”

TEXT SUPPORT – Killarney Legion has made the Manitobaville contest shortlist – and they want you to help them win the $25K prize by texting KILLARNEY to 54321. From left to right are: Courtney Park (video producer); Evelyn Dickson-Park (pictures and video); Bonny Kobialko (pictures and video); Rose Choquette (treasurer); Craig Taylor (RCL25 president); Helen Mador (vice president); Perry Mador (sergeant-at-arms); Dana Simpson (manager); and Ron Boulet (video commentator). The group wants to refinish the Legion Hall’s expansive wooden floor, replace the carpet, and update a very out-dated kitchen.


Volunteers were busy flipping hundreds of pancakes at the Legion’s Pancake Breakfast on Canada Day.

Youngsters got some patriotic ink done at the Legion too, as part of the Canada Day 150 celebrations.