Hunter Brothers coming to town


Like Santa, the Hunter Brothers are coming to town. But instead of Christmas, they’ll be helping southern Manitoba celebrate our country’s birthday with a huge concert on July 1 in Killarney.

“We’re really excited to come out to Killarney, and can’t wait to play a show,” said Ty. “It’s going to be awesome to finally be able to get back and hit the stage again.”

This past summer the Hunter Brothers were able to do just that, playing a number of places throughout their home province of Saskatchewan.

“We’ve been able to play three or four of the songs off our new record that we hadn’t been able to play prior to the world shutting down, and we’re excited to play more of them,” said Ty of their 2021 album ‘Been a Minute.’ “We were waiting to play ‘Hard Dirt’ for the longest time, and finally, when we did, it felt a little bit like a dream.”

The Hunter Brothers were able to test out their tunes live again in the summer, hitting several small venues along the way.

“It always feels like we’re coming home when we’re heading to a small town. We still live on the farm, and still farm here together,” said J.J. of their hometown of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan (population 1,800). “The small town is always in our blood, and there’s always going to be room for us to play small towns.”

The brothers all seemed to agree that probably their band’s favourite memory comes from a video shoot in Shaunavon.

“It was when we recorded the video for our song ‘Born and Raised.’ We actually recorded it in our parents’ backyard,” explained Ty. “We invited our town to come out, and I think there were about 1,200 people that were there. As we looked out we saw coaches, people who had invested in our lives, teachers, friends, teammates. So I think when you’re able to be part of that environment, it really does spill over into the other communities where people feel much the same way. It’s definitely something we enjoy being a part of.”

The Hunter Brothers are now getting ready for another small town country Christmas, and this year they’ve released an album of festive tunes for their fans. Entitled “Joy to the World,” it’s the first full album of Christmas songs that the band has recorded, and Ty said that it was just the right time to release this record.

With over 46 million video and audio streams to date, the Hunter Brothers’ star is on the rise. They have also received multiple CCMA award nominations, JUNO award nominations and SCMA awards, and don’t appear to be slowing down as they head into 2022. 

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Hunter Brothers (from left): Brock, J.J., Dusty, Ty and Luke are ready for Christmas, with a new album of festive favourites. They’re also ready to help southern Manitoba celebrate Canada Day with a huge concert in Killarney on July 1. To purchase tickets for the big show, go to