I Love to Read Month blooms vividly in the time of COVID

Killarney School ‘goes big’ when it comes to reading and relishing books


The pleasure and richness of books is being celebrated big time at Killarney School.

February is ‘I Love to Read Month’ throughout the country, and limits of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic are not hampering this year’s fervour for the printed word, say local teachers.

And they have even come up with a novel way to still enjoy the pleasure of their ‘visitor’ readers, who are normally invited each year to come to school and read aloud to the kids.

“COVID-19 will not dampen the spirits at Killarney School,” said middle years teacher Kayla Taylor. “Usually we would have community members come in and read to our students. It’s so important for children to see different people read around them. This also allows students to ask questions about different careers in our community. And even though COVID-19 has stopped visitors from coming in, it hasn’t stopped the community from reading to our students. We have had many businesses and community members video themselves reading children’s books.”

The virtual read-aloud videos will run throughout February, she said, and they are looking for more input.

“We would like to invite business and community members who love to read to have someone take a video of them reading a picture story, for students to watch throughout the month,” said Taylor. “Take a video, in landscape mode-horizontal for viewing purposes, of yourself or a staff member, reading a children’s picture book of your choice.”

Readers can then send the video via email to ktaylor@tmsd.mb.ca or text it to: 204-523-6426, she said. 

“In that email or text message, please indicate who is reading the story, the name of the business if there is one, and the name of the picture book,” said Taylor.

I Love to Read Month also includes a plethora of other book-related events, she added.

“February is a busy month at school,” said Taylor. “We have many events and exciting days, but this year KCI has decided to go big when it comes to I Love to Read Month. We have many fun things planned. The K-2s are doing a battle of the books for the month. This involves eight books battling off to become the favourite book of the month. The grades three to four are doing a Battle of the Poems. All four teachers picked two poems, and the kids are reading each poem and voting for their favourites. All the K-4s are very excited and invested in their favourites, and enjoy partaking in reading great literature.” 

Students and staff are also tracking the titles of special books that have impacted them throughout their lives, and sharing these connections with others. 

“We are beginning to see amazing timelines of these books being posted around the school,” said Taylor.

And students have even more to look forward to this wintry month.

“The last week of February will wrap up I love to Read Month with a Reading Spirit week,” said Taylor. “On Monday students will write story necklaces, and read them to their classmates and staff around the school. Tuesday is Poem in My Pocket day. Students will have a poem they keep in their pocket all day, and will practice reading it to others throughout the day. Wednesday is Wearable Wednesday- students are encouraged to wear words on their clothing. Thursday is Canadian Literature day.
We will be reading literature written by Canadian authors. We saved the best for last: Friday is Flashlight Friday. Students will bring in a flashlight, and read in the dark in their PJs.”

Other February events/ideas coming up include:

Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – Write or Read a story about kindness! So, so many! Check the library or EPIC (free online).

Feb. 15 – Louis Riel Day/Family Day – Enjoy this day with a family nature walk! Share your favourite outdoor stories or memories!

Feb. 20 – National Love Your Pet Day – Read to your family pet, a family stuffy, or read about your favourite pet… Clifford, Charlotte’s Web, Mercy Watson, Chester the Cat, Marley Goes to School…

Feb. 24 – National Tortilla Chip Day – Could anything be more enjoyable than sharing story time over a family plate of nachos!?

Feb. 28 – National Science Day – Read about your favourite animal, a natural disaster, or a scientist! Listen on YouTube to an astronaut reading their favourite book from space!

BOOKS IN THE TREE OF LIFE – Students at Killarney School are really celebrating I Love to Read Month, with a stack of interesting and literary challenges, pleasures, and tasks laid our for the kids. Above and below are just two displays in the school hallways, including a Poe’tree.’

BATTLE OF THE POEMS – The kids even get to vote on their favourite poem during I Love to Read Month, with the red-hot results posted above.

Celebrate your love of reading at home…

In a year where celebrations may be few, 2021 may be the perfect time to foster and celebrate a love of reading! 

Safe at home, cuddled up in a quilt, families can enjoy these precious moments that foster memories forever!


1. Keep reading and writing moments simple and fun! Capture sweet moments of pleasure sharing a book, an oral story, or a thank-you note to a loved one.

2. This is a time to love books – teachers are responsible for the teaching part! Just enjoy and make this a positive experience!

3. Reading and Writing are scientifically linked to benefit one another! Writing a note or moment of gratitude or kindness for ANOTHER to read is also a celebration!

4. Our local libraries are exceptional! They house the greatest collection of books, and beautiful people ready to match a book to a reader!

5. Reading for 10 minutes a day increases a child’s vocabulary exponentially!

6. Reading can and should be shared by everyone! Take turns reading pages, read to a pet, stuffed animal, or a distant family member over FaceTime!