New fire hall plans ignite, spurred by big donations

Council preparing to send out tender packages for the $900,000 project


With a massive financial boost hoisted by two local organizations, plans for a new fire hall have surged forward.

The Killarney Kinsmen announced during their Tuesday evening meeting that they will be supporting the $900,000 municipal fire hall project with a donation of $150,000, paid over four years.

And the Killarney Foundation just announced that they are throwing in a further $100,000, to be paid over two years, to the pot.

Then on Wednesday the local council voted (with a majority), during their regular meeting, to go ahead with plans to build the new, five-bay fire hall, on South Railway Street.

“Council voted this morning, and it was passed,” said the mayor for the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, Rick Pauls, following the meeting. “Today we voted to go to tender. That’s the big step, and it’s going ahead. It’s a done deal. The next step is the tender process, and we will be sending out tender packages soon. Construction should begin next spring.”

While council had been approved for a maximum debenture of $1.5 million for the new fire hall, Pauls said they don’t forecast the final bill to run that high.

“We expect the building itself to come in at around $900,000,” he said. “We always thought it would be under a million dollars. I’m very happy it’s going ahead, and these donations are great. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could fundraise the whole thing?”

The wood construction building will be erected near to what was previously the old Paterson elevator site, near the corner of Broadway Avenue and South Railway.

“The site was acquired last year from the railway, and the zoning has been changed,” said Pauls.

And once the fire hall is completed, renovations will begin on the old fire hall location on Broadway, next to the Civic Office.

Plans are to extend into the old fire hall area from the adjacent civic offices, upgrading and expanding the entire building into one centre.

“As soon as the fire hall is out, I hope we can get onto the municipal office,” said Pauls.

The new fire hall location will greatly benefit the dispatch of emergency services, allowing them better access to roads in all directions, rather than exiting onto the town’s Main Street from the fire hall garage.

It will also provide indoor training space for fire fighters, and create office space.

BIG DONATION TO NEW FIRE HALL – Fire Chief Troy Cuvelier and Mayor Rick Pauls (right) were thrilled with the announcement Wednesday that plans for a new fire hall in Killarney will be going to tender, thanks in part to large donations from both the Killarney Kinsmen and the Killarney Foundation. From left: Killarney Kinsmen members Geoff Janz (president), Bart Sutherland, Jim Hawkins (treasurer), and Curt Struth (secretary) joined Killarney’s fire chief and mayor at the old fire hall for a celebratory photo.


Killarney’s new fire hall plans