Food bank celebrates 25 years in a generous community

Volunteers at the Killarney and Area Food Bank have made it about more than just picking up a hamper of canned goods, frozen meat, and bakery items. 

Heritage Home for the Arts celebrates grand opening

HERITAGE HOME GRAND OPENING – The Heritage Home for the Arts in Killarney held its grand opening on Thursday evening with over a hundred people touring the beautifully restored building and viewing the amazing pieces of art lining its walls.

Wetting it down – and lighting it up

Flames demolished an older, unwanted storage building last week in Killarney, as part of a training exercise undertaken by the local fire department.

A hundred years of Hereford cattle

A hundred-year-history of breeding top cattle has brought industry fame to a local family.

New lumberyard springing up on north Broadway

Construction is beginning on a new lumberyard at the north end of Killarney.

Surprise catch at Killarney Lake

An avid teenage fisherman landed a surprise catch on Saturday evening over at the local lake.

Dubs at the Lake packs them in for biggest show yet

Last weekend’s Dubs at the Lake in Killarney was the biggest one yet, with 85 Volkswagens from Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Harvest marks 10th year for Killarney Growing Project

More than 350 hungry guests lined up in the lunchtime sunshine to dine alfresco in an open field, and watch a special crop come in.

Enjoy lunch in the field today at Killarney’s Canadian Foodgrains Bank harvest

BY KIM LANGEN Long tables, loaded with fresh and delicious food, will be laid out just before noon today in a golden field, to celebrate bringing in a very special crop of wheat. And after the free lunch, the field

Breaking out the bubbly on Killarney Lake

It might well have been champagne bubbling up on Monday evening, as the new aeration system on the lake began percolating to the surface.