A feast of recreation thrills rolling out for all

April Archambault has set the ball rolling in her new role as recreation director at the Shamrock Centre


From belly dancing and Shotokan Karate, and from gymnastics to cooking to boxing, there will be something for everyone – and all ages – to enjoy this year.

Newly appointed recreation director at the Shamrock Centre, April Archambault, said she is thrilled to be taskmaster of the fun programming.

“I’m in charge of promoting all the programs, planning the programs, and securing funds,” she said. “And I am excited. I really love this community, and I see the rec program as really important. It’s good for physical and mental health for everyone, and it’s for all ages.”

General manager at the Shamrock, Liana Smith, said that Archambault was a great fit with the centre.

“April comes with a phenomenal background, in marketing, and with her degree in business administration,” said Smith. “She has been helping out since last fall, and her official role was recently confirmed. It’s great news.”

Archambault said her own four children have always been enrolled in the facility’s programs, so much so that she has  ‘lived’ at the Shamrock Centre for a number of years. And this connection has given her a close-up view of how wonderful the events can be, and some ideas of her own. 

“It’s a chance to make a difference,” she said. “And I want to hear from everyone what they are hoping for in the programs. My vision for this role is to reach out to the community, and find out what people of all ages are looking for in terms of recreation. I want to work with other community organizations, and add to the good things already happening here.”

Upcoming and existing programs also include pottery, pickleball, Latin dance, drumming, ethnic cooking classes, kids’ cooking classes, recreational hockey, soccer, Fun in the Sun, day camps, and more. 

“I’m looking forward to trying some new ideas that can reach a wide variety of ages and abilities,” said Archambault. “And I’ll be looking to connect with people of all ages living in Killarney and area, and would love to hear their ideas and thoughts on what they’d like to see happening at the Shamrock Centre, and in the community.”

You can contact April Archambault with your ideas at: recoffice@shamrockcentre.ca or call the office at: 204-523-8920.

NEW RECREATION DIRECTOR APRIL ARCHAMBAULT – April Archambault has officially taken up the lively reins as recreation director at the Shamrock Centre. There are loads of terrific programs on the rec centre list, and something for everyone this year, she said.

Come in from the cold – and walk your way to wellness

Free Indoor Walking from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily


With this winter’s on-going deep cold temperatures and keen winds, it has often been hard to enjoy a healthy walk outside.

That’s why the Shamrock Centre has opened its door wide, and is welcoming everyone to come in from the cold, and pace out some healthy miles inside the facility.

“We have seniors who are here every day, walking,” said April Archambault, the facility’s new recreation director. “It’s a nice, safe way to get in a winter’s walk. Winter doesn’t need to get you down! People can walk all around the building, unless there is a program going on in the hall. But they do need to show proof of vaccination, their ID, and sign in before they get motoring.”

Walking is good for all ages, and it’s good whether you go fast or slow, she said.

And regular walking can lower the risk for many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and glaucoma. It also makes you live longer, and helps boost your immune system, said Archambault.

So how much is good for you, and how fast should you walk?

“The great thing about walking is that you can do as little or as much as you want depending on your own goals and abilities,” said Archambault. “I would say that it is different for each individual person. The most important thing to do is to get motivated to take the first step and give it a try! 

“I would like to steer you towards an excellent document provided by Manitoba In Motion from their program, “Walking your way to Health” for some tips. You can find it at: Layout 1 (gov.mb.ca).” she said.

“This is an excellent document that provides information for three different activity levels:

Light Activity, Moderate Activity, and Vigorous Activity. You can choose the starting place that suits your age, ability and goals. If anyone in the community would like a copy of this document, we will have some available in the office or can email it out to people.”

The Shamrock Centre is open for Free Indoor Walking from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily.

WINTER WALKING IN THE WARMTH – Everyone is invited to enjoy Free Indoor Walking at the Shamrock Centre. The facility is open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily for drop-in walkers, of all ages and cruising speeds. Walking is great for your mental and physical health! Above, Mark Pugh gets in some miles on a cold day.