Prairie skies and lively rabbits rendered on canvas

‘It’s Never Too Late’ at the Heritage Home for the Arts features the works of Judy and Barry Danard 


A wall of stunning prairie skyscapes, one of the great visual gifts of the Prairies, arrests visitors who enter the door to the local art gallery.

Fabulous clouds and cerulean blues of the sky, captured by two local artists, are just part of this month’s exhibition at the Heritage Home for the Arts in Killarney, and are only the start of the show.

‘It’s Never Too Late,’ featuring works of Killarney artists Judy and Barry Danard, is a testament to the dynamism of this couple.

“I have always loved art, all my life, but when we retired we had more time to paint,” said Judy Danard. “Retirement just meant ‘what do I do next?’”

Both of the Danards earned science degrees and education certificates, and went on to work as teachers at Killarney School. And both say a great influence in their art lives has been the work of the Group of Seven.

“I retired in 2002, and I decided to learn to paint after attending a Group of Seven Exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery,” said Barry, who is a self-taught artist. His use of vibrant colour, in images of the natural world and the prairie skies, reveal the influence of the Group of Seven.

Judy Danard has never stopped being a teacher. She continues to instruct young artists, to mentor emerging artists, and to constantly create her own wonderful art. While Barry favours oils, Judy uses watercolour, acrylic, and different media. Animals feature often in her paintings, likely inspired by her degree in zoology.

It’s a wonderful testament to an amazing and talented local couple, so don’t miss the exuberant exhibition of their artwork.

It’s Never Too Late runs until Friday, April 30, at the Heritage Home for the Arts, at 44 Water Avenue (across from Erin Park). Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Entrance is free.

NEVER TOO LATE TO FLOURISH – The stunning and uplifting paintings by talented Killarney artists Judy and Barry Danard are being featured this month at the Heritage Home for the Arts. Their joint exhibition, ‘It’s Never Too Late,’ celebrates in colour an enduring lifetime of love for the arts, especially nature and landscape, and for each other. The exhibition runs until Friday, April 30.

FLORA, FAUNA, FOWL AND FOXES – Above, just a few of the vivid and charming works by local artists Judy and Barry Danard, currently on exhibition at the Heritage Home for the Arts.