Farmers Market back on Broadway

Killarney Farmers Market opens its ‘gate’ each Saturday morning on Broadway Avenue’s green space


Come wind or rainy weather, fresh garden produce is now available each week at the local Farmers Market.

And that’s not the only thing laid out in the sunshine, under the big umbrellas.

“We were happy,” said Pam Skeoch, member of the Killarney Farmers Market committee. “We had our first market on Saturday, and it went well. We had around a dozen vendors, including two vegetable stalls, one from the Mayfair Colony, and one from Willow Creek Colony. There were also Bee-Wrapped beeswax wraps by Terra Organa Acres, Scentsy, Back Country Designs by KP, Let it Mow, Tea Buds and Blossoms, Nicole Kiefer Design, Norwex, Bison Meat, Sweet Legs, and Sunset Gourmet.” 

In accordance with the current COVID-19 health regulations, the market has to run along certain lines, she added, including just where to make your entrance.

“The entrance to the market is at the south side, on Broadway, beside the swings,” said Skeoch. “There is a directional flow of traffic with arrows, in a horseshoe shape, and along a rope. The exit is on the other side of the green space. There can be no re-usable bags at all; the vendors will provide all the bags for free to the customers. You don’t need to wear a mask, and sanitizer is available at each vendor’s stand. You do need to exercise social distancing of six feet between people.”

The only trouble spot on last Saturday’s first day of a careful opening was with people entering into the market from all directions, said Skeoch, and not through the designated gate entry.

“But for the most part, people seemed to be following all the guidelines,” she said. “It was a good day.”

The Killarney Farmers Market runs each Saturday morning, from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., at 330 Broadway – next to the Co-op Gas Bar – on the green space, until the September long weekend.

ENTRANCE TO THE FARMERS MARKET – The Killarney Farmers Market is now up and operating on Saturday mornings – but shoppers need to use the COVID-19 guidelined entrance, located here at the south end of the green space on Broadway, next to the swings. You follow the rope, in a horseshoe route, through the market, and emerge at the exit on the other side.

WELCOME TO THE VENDORS – Both Mayfair and the Willow Creek Hutterite Colony’s wonderful gardeners, growers, and bakers attended last Saturday’s Killarney Farmers Market, with their tables loaded with fresh delights. It was the first market of the season, and will run each Saturday morning at the green space next to Co-op Gas Bar until the September long weekend. Get it while you can!