Witnessing the impossible this Saturday

World class ‘Wonderist’ Chris Funk appearing at the Shamrock Centre this Saturday, February 8


Setting the stage ‘for the impossible to happen’ will be happening this Saturday evening thanks to a rare and talented magician and musician.

‘Chris Funk, The Wonderist’ is set to appear at the Shamrock Centre on Saturday, February 8, along with his deck of magic cards and violin, plus his sleight-of-hand skills, as part of this year’s HyLife Performing Arts Series.

Described as “an engaging and visceral multimedia experience,” the interactive show will bring an amazed audience both into the action, and even up onto the illuminated stage.

“Along with live music, such as a violin concerto, or a guitar loop recorded live on stage, Chris sets the stage for the impossible to happen,” say promoters. “Chris will have you talking and scratching your head for years.”

Funk is an internationally acclaimed, world-class Vegas-style magician, who combines intuition, influence, and illusion with hilarious comedy. You can also check out an amazing video on his website, chrisfunkmagic.com to see this confident, alluring young man in action as he amuses and mesmerizes a wrapt audience.

Advance tickets for the show (no tickets will be available at the door) are $30 each, while kids 12 and under are only $10 each. Tickets can be purchased at three Killarney locations: the Heritage Home for the Arts; Lewis and Jones; and Sweet Pea and Willow. 

Doors open at 7 p.m., and the magic show begins at 7:30 p.m. Don’t miss a moment…

MAGICKING IN THE YOUNGSTERS – Jane Ireland is offering a magic deal of $10 per ticket for those aged 12 and under for Saturday night’s Chris Funk The Wonderist show, at the Shamrock Centre. For more info on great deals, tickets, and more, go to killarneyarts.com or call the arts centre at 1-431-734-0394.