A seniors’ assisted living complex – with all the bells and whistles?


Does Killarney need a seniors’ Assisted Living Complex with all of the bells and whistles? Including meals, housekeeping, as well as the comforts of a new state-of-the-art building?

I believe so, and others have verbally agreed with this statement. Early in the spring of this year there was a committee who attempted to look at the viability of a 24-unit assisted living suites and 12 hotel rooms on the lower floor. 

Responses from those who had shown some potential interest in being tenants stated that living above a hotel was not an option they would entertain. As a result, the idea of moving forward was dropped.

As I drive through Brandon, Winkler, Morden, and Winnipeg I see any number of these types of living environments. In the meantime, we have local people going to live in these other towns and cities, and in some cases, due to the desire for a more modern state of the art assisted living facility.

I have lived in the Killarney-Turtle Mountain area all of my life, and there is no way that I want to spend my last years away from here. 

We baby boomers are going to shortly reach the age when we will need to be considering these types of options. Presently the considerations include Lakeview Villa and the Legion Plaza. There will not be sufficient room to accommodate the number of us who will be looking for and needing alternative surroundings.

I would very much like to see our community do some planning as it relates to this topic. A new living complex in today’s world would be expensive – just as everything else is. In order to build a complex similar to those I have researched, the cost would be between $7.5 to $8 million. The community contribution (dollars raised) would be in the neighbourhood of $3 to $3.5 million. With this, our borrowing power would be in the $6 to $6.5 million range.

We could offer suites of varying sizes (600 sq. ft, 800 sq. ft, 1000 sq. ft or 1200 sq. ft). Rents would be based on the size of the suite. A good-sized common room would be included for group activities (cards, movie nights, sing alongs etc.), or for a family gathering. Another possibility might be a small exercise room. 

We would also have a choice of meals. This can be done one of two possible ways. Install our own commercial kitchen at the cost of approximately $1 million, or we could contract with the restaurant in the mall which already has a commercial kitchen to provide this service. The latter is likely to be the least costly option. 

The rent on these suites would be in the $3000 per month range, based on preliminary findings (depending on the size of suite), and would include everything – meals, cable/internet, housekeeping, hydro, and air conditioning. 

If this sounds like a lot, take time to consider your present-day expenses – house and yard maintenance, taxes, insurance, hydro, cable/internet, water, and finally food. There can also be the option to select the number of meals that you would include with your living situation.

The location north of the Mall is a favorite of mine. It is a simple walk to get mail, go for coffee, pick up meds at the drug store, etc. All of the amenities and nearly every service could not be closer.

As a community, Killarney truly has a tremendous amount to offer, and is very “senior focused.” There is a good hospital with five doctors, a dental clinic, optometrists, a Wellness Center which includes a pool, a well sourced library, hairdressers, therapists, and the Shamrock Center (including an exercise room).

Killarney has really done well in these times of “small town decline.” As we remain “senior focused,” we also continue to create jobs that provide the services that seniors require. It may also allow more young people to remain closer to home in order to make a living in a safe and friendly community.

I have put this letter together as a “feeler” in order to gauge the community and area’s response. As we know, the funding will be the largest part of this potential endeavor. When I personally think of investing money-either with banks or trust companies, we all hope we can get 5% -6% if we are very lucky and consider some risk. 

To me, we could invest locally in the project, and enjoy the comfort of it and be proud of yet one more thing our community has to offer. Whether you might select to invest in this, live in the complex, or both – remember, it is our community at stake here.

Should there be enough positive response, a committee would be formed, with a collaboration of six individuals who would begin the research on how best to structure the overall project and also look at three senior assisted buildings (in Brandon, Morden and Winnipeg) in order to learn best practices for a potential move forward.

See related questionnaire below.

Please provide your feedback by filling out the questionnaire below. Once completed, it can be dropped off at one of three locations: Gwen’s Trends, Lewis & Jones, or mail your response to Box 1402 ATTN: Questionnaire, Killarney, MB, R0K 1G0. If possible, please complete and return by Nov 2, 2019.

Please circle your selected response:

1) Are you interested in moving into a complex of this nature?

a) In the next 1 year

b) In the next 5 years

c) In the next 10 years

d) Or have a family member(s) who is a strong candidate

e) Not Interested

2) Would you be willing to support this project? If yes- how much?

a) $25,000

b) 50,000

c) $100,000

d) Or more.

3) As a potential investor as well as a tenant would you want your return paid out in dollars or as a credit towards your rent?

a) Paid out in dollars

b) Credited towards the rent

4) As a renter, what size of living space would you be looking for?

a) 600 sq. ft.?

b) 800 sq. ft.?

c) 1000 sq. ft.?

d) 1200 sq. ft.?

Additional comments and input are greatly appreciated.


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BIRD’S EYE VIEW FOR ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENTS? – This photo of the parking lot behind the Blarney Stone Pub and Restaurant, on the north end of the Killarney Place mall, was taken back in May of 2017 as a group of investors was seeking to build a 36-unit complex on the site. The proposed housing complex would connect directly to the mall, and meals could be prepared in the adjacent Blarney’s commercial kitchen.