Nashville talent charms Shamrock crowd, and big fan adds an autograph

Local fan adds Conway Twitty’s grandson’s signature to a 1961 autograph 


It nearly brought her to tears, but a local music fan finally got her man.

Heather Sabad was just one of the 150 fans who flocked to ‘The Christmas Tour – A Salute to Conway and Loretta’ last Friday night at the Shamrock Centre.

It was a family-friendly concert, performed by two Nashville-based grandchildren of the country greats, Tayla Lynn (Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter) and Tre Twitty (Conway Twitty’s grandson).

“I went early, at around 6 p.m.,” said Sabad, who carried along with her a small, secret, faded treasure. “I walked in, and one of the guitarists was out in the foyer, and I told him my little story.”

The story, it turned out, went back to the rock-and-roll days of the early ‘60s, she said.

But it wasn’t rock ‘n’ roll that got her young heart going in those days, added Sabad.

“It was November, 1961, and I wanted to see Conway Twitty,” Sabad said. “I was 15. He had a concert in Brandon, and a few of us went. One of the boys had his license, and a car, and we all drove up. After the show I stood in line, and I met Conway Twitty, and I got his autograph. Oh God! He was gorgeous! He has the most beautiful, sexy voice!”

Sabad, now in her lively 70s, said she was determined to add another name to the page.

“When I found out about this concert, I thought I might get the grandson’s autograph on the same page, and I did,” she said.

After one of the guitarists heard the great story, he hustled Sabad right in, to meet Conway’s grandson, Tre Twitty.

“He couldn’t believe it,” said Sabad. “Tre Twitty signed it, and he took a picture of the page, and Tayla took a picture of both of us.”

Sabad stayed on for the 7 p.m. show, and said it was a cracker.

“They were really good, and they interacted with the audience,” she said. “They started at 7 p.m., and played straight through until 9 p.m. without a break. My favourite songs were ‘Hello Darlin’ and ‘It’s Only Make-Believe.’ There’s just something about it. I come pretty close to crying a few times.”

Recreation manager Wendy Giesbrecht agreed that the concert, featuring the two tribute singers and two acoustic guitar players, plus an excellent soundman who pulled it all together, went well.

“We had to set up extra tables,” said Giesbrecht. “We set up for 120, and around 150 people came. We sold 90 tickets before the show, and then more turned up at the door, some from Pilot Mound, and some from the U.S. There was a seriously senior demographic. They put on a good show and really engaged with the audience, including the kids. Tayla wore three-inch heels, and tight leather pants, and a kimono over a tank top. She was a rock star – she looked good. I think it went really well.”

GETTIN’ DOWN WITH TAYLA AND TRE – Tayla Lynn (left) and Tre Twitty (right) provided a great show for country fans on Friday evening down at the Shamrock Centre. The duo are (respectively) the grandchildren of stars Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, and presented a wonderful tribute show to the famous grandparents, along with lots of stories – for around 150 guests.
A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SURPRISE – Fan of the late, great Conway Twitty, Heather Sabad (above), was absolutely thrilled last Friday evening to add the signature of Twitty’s grandson, Tre Twitty, next to the 1961 autograph from Conway himself, seen here in her teenage autograph book.