It’s Christmas in Killarney, with Santa letters, festive photos, and Christmassy content for all!

Click on the “Christmas Greetings 2017” link below to view this year’s Christmas Greeting Edition. And see more pictures from the Killarney Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade below, followed by festive photos from local Christmas concerts.

Christmas Greetings 2017

More Killarney Kinsmen Santa Clause Parade pictures


The K-5 Christmas Concert at Killarney School

CHRISTMAS IN KILLARNEY – The Turkey Song, performed by Killarney School’s Grade 3 students, was a huge hit at the K-5 concert entitled “Christmas in Killarney” at KCI. The merry musical was written and arranged by teachers Wendy Lovett and Lisa Campbell, with a variety of solo instrumentals sprinkled in the program between set changes. See more photos from the concert below.


The Lakeside Christian School Christmas Concert

THE GREAT CHRISTMAS GETAWAY – Lakeside Christian School presented their Christmas musical, The Great Christmas Getaway, on Tuesday evening, December 19, at the Killarney Mennonite Church. The children portrayed through theatre the Christmas message that not all gifts can be measured with money.