Elevator annex crashes to the ground

ANNEX DEMOLITION A SPECTATOR EVENT – Word spread fast on Wednesday that the UGG elevator annex was going down on South Railway. Trucks and cars assembled next to the old Collyer Ford building to take in the show. Contractor Brent Russell, of Russell Construction, said that the teardown took his crew six hours. On Thursday they were busy salvaging materials from the site, and breaking up segments in readiness for hauling to the Killarney dump. But up to two and three inches of rain that bombarded the area earlier this week had turned the nuisance grounds into a quagmire, delaying the hauling. “It all depends on the mud,” he said. The old elevator (left), owned by Paterson, is expected to come down next week. 

GOING DOWN – The old UGG elevator’s annex came down with a crash and a cloud of dust on Wednesday afternoon.

LEG REMOVED – On Monday, the elevator’s leg was carefully removed, salvaged, and will be sold.

NEW SCULPTURE ON CHANGING CORNER – This beautiful metal sculpture, created by Boissevain artist Don Engbrecht, was erected downtown by the local Communities in Bloom group in August. It was added to an existing pocket garden on the Collyer Ford corner of Broadway and South Railway to “jazz it up,” say the CIB, who commissioned the work. It represents their logo, and cost $450, paid through fundraising efforts. This image of both the gorgeous garden – and the old UGG elevator and annex – was taken on Tuesday morning. By Wednesday, the annex was being demolished, and the aging wooden elevator was slated for felling the following week. Watch next week’s Guide, and check killarneyguide.ca for the full elevator demolition story.