HyLife aiming to invest millions of dollars in Killarney feed mill plant


After months of quiet meetings and secret deliberations, Manitoba pork giant HyLife Ltd. have announced plans to build a multi-million dollar feed mill plant just outside the small town of Killarney, in southwestern Manitoba.

Rick Pauls, mayor of the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, said he got the call early on Monday evening – giving him limited license to pop open a very long-chilled bottle of champagne.

“HyLife is applying for a conditional use permit to put in a feed mill in the Killarney area,” said Pauls. “If approved, construction will begin in the second week of May. Notices will be sent to adjoining property owners this week. Council will vote on the application on April 19.”

If the company’s application goes through, the one-year building project is expected to require around 100 construction workers to erect the facility.

On completion, 20 new permanent jobs will be created to operate the purpose-built feed mill. The intended site is located on the Neelin Road, just northeast of the town.

HyLife Ltd., based in La Broquerie, Manitoba, would use the mill to produce feed specifically to supply their own hog barns in the region.

“We are hoping that the project will go forward, and we will be able to grow our presence in the area,” said Claude Vielfaure, President of HyLife Ltd. in La Broquerie. “The mill capacity would be 250,000 tonnes per year, the same capacity of our existing plant in Randolf, in the southeast of Manitoba. It would serve our barns within three hours of Killarney.”

Vielfaure added that HyLife is also looking at building a number of new barns in the western part of the province.

The company is Canada’s leading pork producer, with 1.9 million hogs reared annually in Canada and the U.S.A. Their pork products are sold worldwide, including countries such as Japan, China, and Mexico.

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HYLIFE HOPING TO BUILD NEW FEED MILL NEAR KILLARNEY – Canadian pork producers HyLife Ltd. are hoping to erect a feed mill in the southwest corner of Manitoba, near Killarney. The plan is to supply the feed to their HyLife hog barns located within a three-hour radius of the new plant.