Keith’s Korner park a celebration of history


A new kind of park, created in tribute to a fine man, has officially opened.

Keith’s Korner, nestled into a once derelict corner of Broadway Avenue and South Railway, was a long time coming, but the many volunteers who sought to bring it to life never gave up.

“We have achieved more than we could possibly have hoped for,” said Communities in Bloom member Shawna Phillips, who opened the celebration on Saturday afternoon, October 8. “It’s a unique, environmentally responsible space, it’s low maintenance, and it’s the epitome of reduce, re-use, and recycling. Killarney is an agricultural community, and we also wanted to recognize our historical past in this park.”

Still in a somewhat nascent form, the park includes massive boulders that were moved from the Oak Point area during construction this summer, a modern rain garden, eco-grass, trees, and a contemporary sculpture.

“Wheels of Agriculture,” created by Boissevain sculptor Don Engbrecht, incorporates three metal wheels from the agricultural past with other farm machinery items to create a narrative of the town’s history and connection with farming. A plaque that accompanies it explains the story, for visitors who wander up the concrete path to admire the cool sculpture
or wander westwards to drop onto a restful bench.

The park was named for and dedicated to the late lawyer and philanthropist Keith Heming, Q.C., who helped set up what is now a multi-million dollar foundation for the municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain back in 1979.

His son, Chris Heming, said that his father would have loved to have lived long enough to attend the official opening.

“I think that the spirit of our dad’s giving and sharing is in this park,” said Heming.

Mayor Rick Pauls agreed that Keith’s Korner would have pleased Keith Heming very much.

“What was once an eyesore has been turned into a beautiful part of our town,” said Mayor Pauls. “When I told Keith about this park, it was the only time I saw him speechless for such a long time. This is a small way to say ‘thank you’ to him for creating the Killarney Foundation. The foundation has touched everyone in some way.”

Coffee and cake followed the opening, over at the Blarney Stone Restaurant, and celebrants were relieved to escape an extremely chilling and windy, albeit happy day, in the town’s newest park.


WARM WELCOME ON A COLD DAY – A crowd of well-wishers, including many members of the late Keith Heming’s family, joined together on a very chilly Saturday afternoon, October 8, to celebrate the official opening of Keith’s Korner park. The contemporary, eco-friendly park is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Keith Heming, Q.C., who spearheaded the Killarney Foundation back in 1979, and features a wonderful agricultural-based modern sculpture by artist Don Engbrecht.